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Re: Please help us debug DVD burning issues...

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:22 am
by patrick
iwishyoulove wrote:I have attempted to burn several DVD's especially in the past two months and I have not been able to do it for a variety of reasons. One was because my Muvee was too long and I couldn't use a DL DVD with Muvee Reveal. Tonight I kept it within the normal DVD parameters and I still was unable to burn a DVD it said that it failed to created a directory. Please help me to fix this

Windows Vista Operating System.

Hi iwishyoulove,
Sorry to hear that you're having problems burning your muvees using our software. Would you be prepared to help? We'll ask you to generate some "logfiles" that hopefully will tell us what's going wrong on your PC and then send them to us. (Don’t worry: this isn't hard and only takes a few minutes and the logfiles don't contain any personal data from your PC.)

If you're prepared to do this, kindly follow the steps on the thread below(refer to the third section) and send me the log files at patrick at muvee dot com. Thanks!


Re: Please help us debug DVD burning issues...

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:46 am
by Carlalr88
I just purchased muvee Reveal X last week online. At first I downloaded the free trial to see if it was what I wanted. It was exactly what I wanted so I went ahead and purchased it and had it installed on my computer. I tried to save my muvee in DVD format which only produced a format (Windows Media Player) I could view on my computer and not on my DVD player. I also tried burning it directly onto a DVD. I restarted my computer thinking maybe it wasn't properly installed since it didn't shut down and restart the pc like some software does when installed. That just gave me different error messages.

I've read many of your suggestions on how to fix this, but I'm not tech savvy. What do you need from me to give to you in order to get this resolved? I will need instructions in simple steps since I'm not a computer expert. I did make a copy of the last error message I received once, but not every error message was the same during the many tries.

Re: Please help us debug DVD burning issues...

PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:50 am
by patrick
Hi Carla,

We're sorry to hear that you're having issues using our software and we would like to help you out so that you can create your muvees and burn them into DVD. May we ask permission from you so we can access your computer remotely and help us understand more on your issue. (Don’t worry: this isn't hard and only takes a few minutes. We will not touch any personal data from your PC.) We've emailed you on the details for the remote session.